Free Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme

25 Nov Free Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme


Point is a FREE fluid responsive theme that is multipurpose and flexible. Through the advanced options panel, you can choose from multiple site layouts, backgrounds and color schemes, as well as control specific features of the theme.


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What is the shared hosting?

19 Feb
shared hosting plan

shared hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is equal experience in an lodging where you deal a democratic grapheme with your neighbors. You cannot alter anything but you assets mending toll and trustiness with your neighbors. Shared hosting is the most commonly misused method of hosting, and is victimized for customers who feature chosen effort or low-cost hosting packages.
You can opt for a Shared hosting if you trespass in any of the shadowing categories:

Having an arrangement to start-up a proceed using your own or borrowed capital.

Expecting a low initial order of visitors say 500 per day.

Narrow sign of email accounts to be set up as you currently someone exclusive a qualified identify of employees.

Thinking to legion and affirm only your web tract and a match of blogs etc.

In any of the succeeding cases you can try the joint hosting alternative before committing yourself for something large.

Online Marketing Technology For Beginners

6 Sep

Online Marketing Technology For Beginners.

seo sem management

online marketing

If you are a complete newcomer to internet marketing then you may have been visiting a few online marketing websites looking for information and being completely confused by some of the terminology that is used. The purpose of this article is to explain what some of the most commonly used online marketing terminology actually means.

SEO- This is probably the term you will see the most when it comes to online marketing. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Basically SEO means making your website friendly to the search engines such as Google or Bing. Important factors of SEO include link popularity; this means how many other popular web sites are actually link back to your site. Also relevant content; for example if you had a website about boats then good SEO would mean having content and keywords that related to boats on your website.

Blog – A blog is a shortened term for web log. Blogs are websites similar to a personal journal where the owner can write regular posts on any given subject. For example a cooking blog will have different recipes and discussions on food in its posts.

Blog Outreach – Many companies are now using blogger outreach to promote their products or services. Blogger outreach means contacting bloggers (blog owners) on a subject that is relevant to your product, service or whatever you are promoting and asking if they would be interested in blogging about your product. For example some sports teams have been known to offer influential sports bloggers free tickets to basketball games so that they can post about the game on their blogs. There is a fantasticbloggers outreach tool which actually makes the process of contacting blog owners in any specific niche much simpler.

Bloggers outreach tool – As mentioned above a bloggers outreach tool is a convenient way of contacting blog owners in your niche. It’s also a way of collecting all the contact information for blog owners in one place

AdWords – This is Google’s paid search orientated marketing program. You bid for keywords that are related to your website or product and you pay per click. For example if your website was about children’s clothes then you would bid on keywords that you think people would search for when looking for children’s clothes and would pay for each click based on the price of that particular word.

Pay per click (PPC) – Also commonly referred to as cost per click (CPC) this is the most common paid-for type of search engine traffic. You set an amount that you are prepared to pay for each click on the search terms for your site. For example if you had a website about hotels in Wales you could bid on the search term ‘hotels in wales’ and pay a predetermined amount every time someone clicked on that particular advertisement term.

Backlinks – This refers to links from other websites that point to your site. Search engines look at the credibility of websites that are pointing to your site, so getting trustworthy sites to link back to you should be a big part of your link building strategy when promoting a website.

Conversion Rate – Often used in advertising campaigns, conversion rate means the number of people that actually sign up for a given offer. For example if you are promoting an offer and are getting paid for everyone that supplies their email address then your conversion rate would be the total of completed email addresses collected.

These are just a handful of some of the terms that you will come across as you venture into online marketing, and are among the most common ones that you will find.

Parallax jQuery Animation Plugin

30 May
jquery parallax plugin

jquery parallax animation



scrolly is a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use jQuery parallax plugin for easily implements parallax scrolling effects to your web pages or web applications.

Parallax jQuery Animation Plugin.

How to Easily Build a Website

14 May
create new website

how to create website

Blogging has been a very popular means of relaying a message whether for personal or business purposes online. It is almost more of like a web-based diary enabling you to write your ideas and have it shared to the world. With blogging, you will be able to express yourself freely even without announcing to the world your real identity. In addition, you can use it as a means of marketing and supplying information to different types of people. You may also earn money from your blogs that’s why many people are prepared to spend their cash just to be personalized.

WordPress is among the leading sites that involves blogging. It can be an excellent avenue in showcasing your abilities in designing while simultaneously making money from it. Do you have the abilities and understanding about CSS and HTML? Do you enjoy generating money online? What about making custom WordPress styles for a number of blogs?

Don’t worry. I won’t ask you to code your theme. Here are the things that may help you build a website with no intensive understanding of coding:

  • Artisteer – For around $129, you can already have a copy from their standard edition. In here, you can make your personal website made from Drupal, WordPress, Blogger, DotNetNuke and HTML. Many designers out there prefer to use this site even they already have a vast knowledge on the subject matter. Artisteer is actually very easy to manipulate. The good thing is it is not necessary for you to spend hours or days just to create a particular website. You can have it in a couple of clicks. Then, you can build personalized themes and have it sold to writers and to online business persons.
  • ThemeFrame – You will be able to create WordPress styles with ThemeFrame. This one is particularly designed for people who opted to use WordPress. ThemeFrame has a lot of interesting features that you will surely enjoy. One of its call features is the visual CSS editor. In it, you will be able to begin to see the changes in your work while you are still editing it. Second, the produced styles are browser-safe. This one means that the theme will probably be viewable in any kind of browser whether it is in Opera, Chrome, etc. Third, no coding needed. This is the best tool in ThemeFrame. .
  • Headway Themes – This site is actually a WordPress framework. Headway Themes will enable you to design an internet page simply by using the drag and drop feature. You can get the personal version of their tool that can be used in non-commercial purposes. In the other hand, you will need their “business” version when you need to make a page for your business or clients.
  • Genesis – This is another amazing framework for WordPress. It enables the consumer to produce different layout and designsthough understanding on coding languages is important. You can find many helpful tutorials available online. So coding should not be a huge problem. Genesis is a well-liked framework. They have a good customer support service that will pamper your needs. Its best feature is that it is SEO ready. The codes it provides are “clean” and you will find no unnecessary tags inside the template so using it can help the web site obtain a high ranking in search engines.
  • Thesis – You will find out that there are different ways to personalize Thesis – custom.css and custom_function.php. Thesis utilizes hooks to change the style of your web page. It is easy to understand even if you have small or little know-how in coding. Just like any other reliable service provider, they also have a reliable customer support system so you can always contact them to obtain support.

Now that you have the options above, what you will need to do is to determine what suits your capabilities best. Many designers go for Artisteer due to its versatility and usability. You can go ahead and explore your custom WordPress theme.

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This is a guest post brought to you by Andrew Hiddleston, internet entrepreneur and business coach. Find out more tips on building an internet business at his video news blog

Responsive 3D Animation Banner

14 May

Responsive 3D Animation Banner.

responsive web banner

3d animation web banner



Free responsive image banner
A few transitions to play with, Responsive down to mobile scale, CSS transition & 3D transform support, Javascript fallback fade transition, Auto-formatted, responsive thumbnails, Good browser support (IE7+), HTML captions, Hardware acceleration on supported browsers, Free to use and abuse as you like Simple, semantic markup, Lightweight: ~10.7k minified

Free Html Web Templates

14 May

Free Html Web Templates.

free web templates download

html web templates free download



Html templates free download